Electrical Lineman Workout

January 22, 2022

Being a lineman is only for the strong. You have to have extreme mental and physical strength.

Electrical Lineman Workout

Fitness is an essential element. Working on the line means hauling gear, pulling thick cable and wire, and Linemen must be able to climb all day long. A normal Electrical pole is 35 feet tall. Some electrical poles can reach up to 120ft from the ground. Linemen must climb that pole until the task at hand is completed. If the individual is not taking care of themselves, they aren’t safe and could set themselves up for failure or injury. Climbing poles is no easy task. 

Here is an example of an equipment-free workout you can do at home a few days a week to maintain fitness. The goal is not to take a break and move on to the next movement without stopping. 

Total time: 30 minutes 

3 sets
1-minutes squats 
1-minute jump squats 
1-minute forward and backward lunges (30 seconds each side) 
1-minute calf raises (30 seconds each side) 
1-minute burpees
1-minute push-ups 
1-minute back extensions 
1-minute crunches 
1-minute bicycle kick crunches 
1-minute plank
Please consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

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