Hurricane Season is Here – Are Your Linemen Ready?

August 9, 2022

While hurricane season begins in June, it reaches its peak in August. The 2021 Atlantic storm season was the third most active on record. It produced 21 named storms. Seven storms strengthened to hurricane level, four reaching major hurricane intensity.

Hurricane Season is Here – Are Your Linemen Ready?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have already predicted another higher-than-average storm season for 2022. So with hurricane season here, make sure your linemen are ready for anything. 

Working day in and day out, linemen are critical to recovery efforts during a storm. In the days following a devastating event, community members look to linemen to restore the power and a sense of normalcy. Therefore, linemen must prepare in the days and weeks before to be ready when a storm strikes. As hurricane season ramps up, crew members should ensure their emergency contacts are up to date. Share this information with your company and fellow crew members. Make sure to have emergency contact information and insurance cards in your wallet.

Packing a grab-and-go bag with frequently used items will reduce the risk of forgetting things if you are in a hurry. Some useful items include a cell phone charger, personal hygiene items, a small first aid kid with frequently used medications and pain relievers, a change of clothes, glasses/contacts, etc. In addition, having a stash of your favorite non-perishable food and drink items can help keep your morale high when the long days stretch to nights with no break in sight. 

The proper clothing and equipment will keep your comfort and safety a priority. Rain gear, tools, safety clothing, and accessories are all critical to getting the job done right. In difficult weather conditions keeping your equipment ready can be even more crucial. That is why the HALO™ SL hardhat light is a vital tool for your arsenal. With 360° visibility for a quarter-mile, powerful flood task lighting, and water resistance, it’s the last light you will ever need to buy. In addition, the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery will ensure you are never in the dark, even under challenging conditions. 

As storm season picks up, we are grateful for brave linemen and other essential workers who race toward the storm to help rebuild devastated communities.

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