Key Traits for Linemen

February 24, 2022

If you have been considering a job as an electrical expert, linemen have key traits to be successful. Do you think you have what it takes?

Key Traits for Linemen

Critical Thinking:

Linemen must determine the cause of operating errors and use logical reasoning to identify solutions. From equipment selection to installation, using sound judgment is critical. Each day will bring new challenges. When faced with a problem, the ability to think on your feet is necessary. Working with high voltage leaves no room for mistakes. Others will rely on you to evaluate a situation and communicate what needs to be done. Adapting to each new situation and using prior knowledge to develop and implement solutions will be imperative to your on-the-job success. 

Physical Vitality: 

For a career as a lineman, you must be strong. This is a very demanding line of work mentally and physically. Athleticism is an important asset that can make many aspects of the job easier. You will be required to scale great heights, haul heavy gear, and work grueling hours. If you are not physically at your best, this job will be challenging to maintain. 

Thrill Seeker:

Are you naturally inclined to attempt activities others may see as dangerous? Being a lineman is one of the most challenging jobs one can have. It may seem like a no-brainer, but a lineman must be comfortable working high off the ground. Linemen are typically rushing into natural disasters that others are fleeing from. The men and women who choose this job will be taking risks each day. From working in severe weather to working over a hundred feet off the ground, thriving in unique environments will set you up for success.

Hands-on Learner: 

While many linemen receive training from a community college or trade school, only so much can be learned in the classroom. Many companies require you to be hired as an apprentice first. You must be able to take what you have read and put it into practice. Many skills can only be perfected through frequent repetitions and time in the field completing work. A large portion of the scenarios you face will not be covered in a book. You will have to take in new information while working and adjust your decision-making for each unique situation.

Being a lineman is a very demanding job, but it is also gratifying. So many times, you will be coming in during a stressful time in another’s life and restoring some sense of normalcy. Without lineman, our society could not function. It takes a solid individual to fulfill this role, and we are so thankful for those that step up to do it.

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