Lineman Tools. Our essential lineman gear list.

December 14, 2021

We listen to our linemen and help share their experiences and feedback to develop an essential lineman gear list.

Lineman Tools. Our essential lineman gear list.

Our essential lineman gear list

We listen to our linemen and help share their experiences and feedback to develop an essential lineman gear list. We wanted to talk about the best lineman tools and equipment. 

Every day when a lineman goes out on a job, it comes with a whole set of gear—everything from tools, climbing equipment, and clothing. Below is our top gear for the job. 

Lineman climbing gear

Gear designed for the lineman to climb up the poles safely is essential. First, linemen need hooks and belts. These provide protection while climbing or performing work. Fall protection is a lineman harness designed to provide freedom of movement to allow the worker to perform his or her job and distribute fall forces safely across a worker’s body in the event of a fall. Lineman belt, which is a utility belt used by workers when climbing poles and towers for work. Position straps that are used to lengthen without removing weight from the lanyard. Lineman climbers are hooks linemen wear for climbing poles. Last but not least, linemen need a sturdy braided nylon rope. This provides a movable anchor point for safe climbing. 

Lineman safety gear 

Safety is our focus. So naturally, we encourage our lineman and all high-risk nighttime jobs to invest in the Halo SL. Being seen at night is paramount to every job. We want to illuminate people at risk, making them safer in any environment. The Halo SL is right for the job. Linemen are working in high-risk conditions and need to see the task at hand and be seen while doing it. 

A hard hat is a must for the job. The Halo SL fits perfectly on the standard hard hat. 

Safety glasses are another essential item. The glasses provide safety for the eyes against any flashes or foreign objects. 

What tools does a lineman need?

A typical lineman should have a number of hand tools, including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, sockets, ratchets, crimping tools, wire stripping tools, skinning knives, bolt cutters, and a hot stick.

Lineman clothing 

Rubber sleeves are worn to protect the linemen from incidental contact with power lines. Flame-resistant clothing. Clothes that are specially made to resist against flashes from an electrical arch. Rubber gloves and steel-toed boots are the last pieces of the lineman clothing apparel.

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