Nighttime Construction

December 15, 2021

Nighttime construction. How to stay safe with limited lighting.

Nighttime Construction

Nighttime construction is a necessity in specific industries for various reasons. Such as cooler temperatures, less traffic congestion, deadlines to avoid fines, etc. Working at night has several benefits, and there are several factors to consider for the safety of your crew, customers, and the general public. 

We have a few tips to help with developing safe and efficient habits to streamline your nighttime construction job. 

Create a list of essential elements for your nighttime construction work plan. 

Safety first. This is by far one of the most important keys to success. Know the best equipment for night work. Take time to design a lighting strategy for the project. Appropriate lighting for your crew is essential. 

When you think about illuminating your crew, use the right lights for your project. 

Workers need adequate lighting to be able to do their job right. Make sure you are seen in all directions. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using our Halo SL. You will be seen in all directions up to a ΒΌ of a mile away. The spotlight and task light features provide the ideal lighting conditions for any job. Wearing the proper safety attire should be included in your essential gear list. If the work zone requires stationary illumination, use your construction plan to determine where and when the lighting will be established. 

Change your sleep schedule. Switching from day to night shift and sleeping during the day can be difficult. The crew needs to do their best to get enough sleep and rest. Working while tired can be hazardous and can increase the chance of accidents and errors.  

Plan for success. Examine every element of your nighttime construction project. Brainstorm the risks associated with working at night and create a list of potential problems to prepare for. Having premeditated solutions will benefit you and your team greatly. Every nighttime project is unique, so brainstorming for each job should be done to develop the proper risk management plan. Keeping safety as a top priority from the beginning of the project will help you and your crew respond to any situation. 

Enjoy the benefits of working at night and keep your crew illuminated. Our mission is to illuminate people at risk, making them safer in any environment.

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