Personal Voltage and Current Detectors

June 18, 2022

Like adding a sixth sense to the job site, a personal voltage and current detector is a lifesaving tool.

Personal Voltage and Current Detectors

Why Use a Personal Voltage Detector?

The leading cause of death or injury for linemen is electrocution. Individuals who work in high voltage environments are always at a greater risk for exposure to dangerous electrical currents. Adding a personal voltage and current detector is an extra line of defense against these risks. Even with this extra protection, workers must continue to exercise safe work practices and wear any appropriate PPE required. 

How They Work

Personal voltage detectors are made to be worn on the outside of clothing or fall protection gear and mounted on hardhats. They detect electrical fields or energized equipment near high voltage systems. The user is then given an alert that allows them to make safety decisions promptly. 

Choosing the Best Detector

Voltage and Current Detection- Before selecting a personal voltage detector, check the equipment’s specifications and compare it to the demands of the daily work environment. Choosing a device that is sensitive enough to pick up the type of electrical hazards users will be coming in contact with is critical. Some devices offer the ability to adjust the sensitivity of detection based on the user’s specific needs. 

Alert System- There are numerous ways to be alerted when a detector comes in contact with electricity. Some systems only give audio warnings while others give a visual warning as well. The ILLUMAGEAR Sixth Sense, coming to the market soon, has an integrated emergency fall notification. This feature sends notifications via SMS to the entire crew. 

Working Conditions- Individuals should also consider any extreme conditions they could be called to work in. A water-resistant device with a long-lasting battery life will be vital if working under challenging conditions for long periods. 

Convenience- Personal voltage detectors can be worn in a variety of ways. Some with lanyards around the user’s neck, and others that clip onto clothing or hard hats. It has been found that a worker’s body can shield the unit from detecting an electrical field. Being able to clip the device to a hard hat can increase safety. ILLUMAGEAR’s Sixth Sense is usable with or without the HALO™ SL. The more comfortable someone is wearing the device, the more likely they will use it. 

ILLUMAGEAR became interested in producing a personal voltage and current detector because they are dedicated to creating products that save lives. We want essential workers to have the essential gear they need to be safe while on the job.

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